Newsletter No.1: 11th November 2009

This is the first brief newsletter for Habitat Aid’s friends and partners to let you know how we’re getting on as we finish our first 6 months of trading, and to tell you about developments in the business.

Traffic on the website continues to build nicely; Alexa now ranks us around 40,000th in the UK (hurrah!). Our Blog has been good fun, and the odd waif and stray comes across that too. We’ve had a lot of good media coverage which I’m sure has helped.

As we had expected, our conversion rate is low – in other words, although we’re already attracting a surprisingly good number of visitors to the site, a relatively small number are actually shopping. We expect this to improve over time once people become more familiar with the brand, although it is also a symptom of folk using the site as an information source, which is in itself a good thing. Although it’s still very early days, it has also been very pleasing to actually start writing cheques for charities.

We’re continuing to bring new products to the market and come up with new initiatives. We recently launched some historic herb collections with Arne Herbs, which I’m very pleased with, and have added Perrie Hale nursery in Devon to our list of suppliers as well. We are also beginning to interview suppliers and charities to talk about their organizations (and products where applicable) for audio links on the site.

We have expanded our consultancy network to include Biocensus, an ecological consultancy in Bath, and Andrew George, a well known designer who specializes in creating landscapes for butterflies. We will be facilitating a number of courses with expert tutors for landowners and professionals in 2010/11. If you would like to be involved, or might be interested in attending, please let me know. In the meantime we’re also working at our demo projects, which touch wood are looking fine. I’m particularly excited about the meadow at Archie’s farm, which is greening up nicely.

As ever, if you have any ideas for projects, partners, or products for us to look at or help with please do let me know. Thanks for your help and support.


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