Newsletter No.3: 11th February 2010

Runner Ducks in the Snow

Confused Runner Ducks

I’ve spent the last couple of months shackled to my computer, which I suppose has had the merit of keeping me in from the cold. The website’s heading in the right direction in terms of visitors but we need to get a better conversion rate (i.e. the number of visitors who actually buy anything), which is what I’ve been concentrating on recently. I’ve joined some entertaining and helpful social networking sites (not what you think!) like Over the Gate and gardenersclick , and my blog is doing well too despite being rather ernest, with jollier highlights including Runner Ducks in the snow and the Santa Chocolate Fondue sale.

Not a Large Black Pig

Not a Large Black Pig

I’ve found myself blogging about food recently, which I suppose just shows how closely connected a lot of gardening / conservation / food production issues are. I’ve been particularly pleased that we’ve done relatively well with fruit trees over the last few months, and I’m delighted that one of our suppliers, RV Roger, will be offering Perry Pear trees for us from this autumn.

I can’t wait until the Spring to see how our meadow areas are doing. The sheep are now grazing less precious bits of pasture at home and I keep telling myself it’s too early to look for the first signs of Yellow Rattle. I’m really excited by our meadow projects this year – not only our own here, but also the demo areas on Archie’s farm on the A303 – to say nothing about the courses we’re running. And talking of farming folk, every time I turn the TV on I see Monty Don telling wannabe smallholders to buy Large Black Pigs – hurrah!

We’re beginning to be asked to source plants for some larger scale projects, including meadows, which is hugely encouraging. These are species not necessarily advertised on the website, but the service is one we’re delighted to provide. It’s helpful for the client to have just one point of contact, and to be confident in the quality of the plants provided.

I’ve got to say again how indebted I’ve been to all sorts of folk, from bloggers and journalists to customers to suppliers – thank you all very much for your help.


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