Newsletter No.4: 7th March 2010

Spring arrives

Spring is springing

At last we have bees on the crocuses and frogspawn in the ponds. The Cherry Plums are our first fruit trees in blossom and aren’t quite there yet, but Spring is definitely springing. Even the Runner Ducks seem to have got the message and look like they might start laying again. I’m in a panic today because of the reseeding work we have to do in a new annual wildflower area, which still needs chain harrowing – the downside of using pigs as rotavators, I suppose…

Wetland plants have been the big feature on my blog recently, following the recent DEFRA led campaign to increase people’s awareness of some of the really nasty invasive non-natives you can still buy. I’ve been amazed to discover how difficult it is for folk to find decent native plants, and how easy it is to buy the thugs – either by design or accident. Yuk. I’ve fallen on my feet somewhat with our own supplier, Gower Wildflowers, who are top quality people selling top quality plants.

Developments on the website have been encouraging. Visitor numbers continue to build and all the metrics I’m supposed to be looking at are improving. I’ve been generating some traffic into the site via Facebook (I feel 30 years younger 🙂 etc.), where we now have an embryonic page. Another garden designer who I’m much taken with has found his way onto the site; Phil Brown is a high class landscape architect whose ethos I thoroughly approve of. I hope we can shunt some work his way.

I’m getting my show schedule sorted out for this year. I think I’ll do Archie’s eco area at the Bath and West Show and the plant fair at Cottesbrooke Hall with my corporate hat on in June, and the Malvern Spring Show, Chelsea, and Gamefair as a punter. Things kick off with the Spring Bee Convention at Stoneleigh in April – always interesting. Not forgetting of course my Bullbeggar Cider sales engagements at the Yarlington and Lamyatt fetes…

In the meantime we are working on some exciting projects which I’m sworn to secrecy about, but I’ve got everything crossed one or two might just come off.


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