Habitat Aid sells high quality products – mostly trees, plants, and seeds – which help create beautiful and diverse habitats for your enjoyment and for the wildlife in garden, smallholding, farm or estate. It also offers ecological surveys and advice. Half of the profits it makes go to specialist charities working to protect and promote biodiversity in Britain. Habitat Aid also promotes local distinctiveness.

Support and promote charities working to promote biodiversity in the UK.
Sell the best and most appropriate products available and promote the best specialist suppliers.
Provide access to reliable information and advice.

Habitat Aid started trading in May 2009. It is run by Nick Mann, the author of this blog, from his home in Somerset. Nick ran his own investment management firm from 1998 to 2008 specializing in Japanese smaller companies. His bucolic interests include beekeeping, cricket, hedge laying and cider making.

My other Blog
is aimed at getting folk to see where we’re coming from, introducing them to new areas and experts in them, and keeping them abreast of developments at Habitat Aid.

This Blog…
is the more corporate face of Habitat Aid, and carries periodic newsletters promoting the business and new products.

We carry interviews with our suppliers, who talk about their companies and products.


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